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Our story

“Anything you can imagine, is real”


Because we wanted and because we could, we turned the impossible into possibilities.

Our “à la carte” restaurant, provided with a private room, is the perfect mix of comfort, aroma, hospitality. The authenticity of the pub convinces through the boldness of the menu and the sound of music. Heated terrace, the possibility of logging between the discretion of the restaurant and the joviality of the pub.

Local quality ingredients but also imported ones, ambience, staff.. All these are a series of subjective choices to define Simfony. The high standard imposed by the SIMFONY brand, obliges us to offer you a wide range of bakery products, pastries, homemade pastas, and according to authentic Italian recipes a vast assortment of pizza.


Be prepared for flawless services.

Bold, different, honest team of chefs will stand out trough outstanding preparations .

You may forget the name of the preparations, but the memory that you ate and felt good will remain.


Life is to short for ordinary food!